Improve your Deal Desk Process

Reduce revenue mistakes with integrated quoting, invoicing, and renewal processes.  Manage and track key subscription information like ARR and Net Retention.

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Deal Desk Software for B2B SaaS

The Revenue Process for
B2B SaaS is broken.


The invoice and subscription management process for most B2B SaaS companies resembles the dark ages with manual rekeying and side-car spreadsheets to keep track of revenue. TekStack fixes these problems while providing the reporting your business needs to satisfy the board and investors.

Drive Accurate Pricing and Invoicing
from the start

B2B tech companies should build a product library that allows sellers to select set products with set pricing, price terms, and invoice terms. TekStack builds in CPQ to the opportunity process. Our CPQ is built for B2B tech companies embedding features like terms and payment schedules into the configuration.

  • Define products as subscription based, hardware, or services
  • Multi-year subscription terms
  • Start subscriptions on order date, specified date, or go-live date
  • Multiple invoice terms like monthly, quarterly, annually, or in advance
  • Set price levels by price list and currency
  • Pick products from quick lookup or advanced lookup


Generate quotes in seconds

Make Quoting easy for Sellers

Deliver accurate and professional looking quotes or proposals in seconds.  With TekStack you dont need a third party CPQ or quote generator:

  • Calculate opportunity value as Total Amount, One-time Amount, and Recurring Amount
  • Track multi-year deals for subscription-based software
  • Combine software products with hardware, and service products
  • Define subscription and payment terms
  • Generate proposal documents, quote forms, or order forms in seconds
  • Integrate e-sign sofware

Automate Invoicing

Generate invoices for software, hardware, and services based on software automatically.

  • Software invoices generated automatically based on terms
  • Support TM or Billing Milestone services invoicing
  • Optionally integrate invoices to MS Dynamics 365 Business Central
Generate quotes in seconds

Why are you managing your most important revenue in a spreadsheet?

Most B2B SaaS companies are trying to track their recurring revenue in a spreadsheet. With TekStack, you’ll get all of your subscription data tracked automatically, providing access to key data like renewal dates, revenue classification by product and type, all visualized in Power BI reports.

Subscription & Renewal Management

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ARR Tracking for B2B SaaS companies

Track Key Metrics

TekStack delivers a full set of B2B SaaS metrics, delivered in Power BI

  • Subscription Momentum by Product, Customer, Month
  • Annual and Monthly Subscription Growth
  • Net and Gross Retention
  • Funnel Growth
  • Customer Renewal Information

All the features you need to grow
your subscription business

TekStack is a fully featured and fully integrated subscription management
app. No need for third party tools to manage your most important revenue.

Generate Subscription on Deal Close

Define Subscription Terms (1 month, 1 year, Multi-year)

Define Renewal process (on signed contract, or automatic)

Generate Invoices

Manage Contracted Price Increases

Manage Co-terming Invoices

Automate Renewal Process

Start subscriptions on specified date

Start subscription on project milestone completion

Track Downsells and Upsells

Track Attrition (including reason codes)

Capture Net Churn at Customer Level

Track Subscription Momentum month over month

Visualize ARR Trend by Revenue Type

Analyze ARR by Product, Industry, Territory, Customer Segment

Track Live ARR and ARR at Risk

Ready to fulfill your
company’s destiny?