Power Up your Services Team

On-board your customers faster while generating more services revenue with Integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA).

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PSA Software for B2B Tech companies

Standardize your approach
to customer on-boarding

Create new projects from templates so that the best customer experience is achieved.  TekStack will allow you to standardize:

  • Project Task structures
  • To-do’s and key actions for assigned resources
  • Project task budgets so the team know what is expected
  • Communication to customers through status report templates



Improve Profitability

Track Gross Margin with TekStack

For either time based or fixed price projects, TekStack captures the total revenue of the project.  It also captures labor costs that are attached to a resource, or a resource’s role.  From that information, TekStack can tell you Budgeted Gross Margin, Actual Gross Margin, and Estimated Gross Margin at project’s completion.  This allows you to track which projects are hitting a gross margin threshold, and which are not.

The absence of tracking change requests is ultimately the downfall of a project.  Whether or not the change comes by request of the customer, or as a result of an internal issue; any time a project requires more effort than was estimated, that request needs to be tracked and approved.  TekStack makes it easy by providing an approval process, but also by allowing project managers to track variance at a detailed level.

TekStack allows you to track utilization at a resource level.  You will easily identify who is at or under target with color formatting.  Identify what they were scheduled to do against what they actually did.  Was the lack of utilization because they were not assigned work, or because they didn’t do the work assigned?  Track to a project level where the gaps are.

Track your backlog with accuracy

Remaining hours approved by role or project
New backlog that needs to be assigned
Forecasted projects with backlog by role or project

Collaborate as a Team

TekStack’s advanced integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint makes it easy to manage documents and work together. TekStack creates Teams Channels for each project and organizes OneNote files for detailed notes, as well as the document location making them available from every app and on any device.

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Empower your Customer

Provide your customers with access to a self service portal where they can:

  • Upload Documents
  • Update Action Items
  • Review Project progress & budget
  • View Invoices
  • Access their support cases

Ready to fulfill your
company’s destiny?