TekStack pricing is simple. A per user price, plus optional apps
for the users who need them. Software includes support. On-boarding plans that are
fixed fee and provide best practices in over 100 areas.

Includes all the features B2B
SaaS companies need to scale
$80 per user/mth
Fully prescriptive CRM to manage account centric approach
Outbound Sequencing to accelerate targeted account selling
Manage Opportunities and automate proposals
Track resources, and delivery of projects
Full customer success module to manage existing customers
Integration to the entire Microsoft stack including Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneNote.

Extend your capabilities with
Additional Apps

And if you need a little bit more, you can extend TekStack

Subscription & Invoicing

Automate subscription and service invoicing.  Track monthly recognition of subscription and services revenue.



USD per tenant/mth

Accounting Integration

Our standard integration to Dynamics Business Central will automate GL posting and invoices as well as synch account information.



USD per tenant/mth

Marketing Automation

ClickDimensions provides native marketing capabilities for email, social, and events.



USD per tenant/mth

Help Desk

Want to fully integrate your support team?  TekStack integrates natively to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service to provide ticket tracking, customer portal, NPS/CSAT surveys, and Knowledge Base.



USD per user/mth

Three ways to get started
with TekStack

TekStack makes it easy to get started. There are three ways
to work with our team to get the most from your new tool.

Quick Launch

Fixed Price, low-risk approach to getting
started. Packages begin at $6,500
one-time fees.

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Perfect for:

Companies that just want best practices out of the box, smaller teams, no integrations, and a limited data set to migrate to TekStack.

Do-it-your Way

Custom implementation plans
that can be offered on a Fixed Price or
TM basis.

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Perfect for:

Companies that already have
established business processes, tons of historical data, and integrations to
external systems..

Managed Services

Unlimited consulting, implementation,
data management services each month.
Starting at $1,950 per month.

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Perfect for:

Companies that combine TekStack with either our Marketing-as-a-Service offering,
or Sales Operations offerings.

Okay, here is the fine print

We do our best to keep pricing simple.  But as you know pricing
can be a little tricky so read the fine print, and let us
know if you have specific questions.

  • Pricing is quoted in US Dollars.  Apply an exchange rate for other currencies like CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, or NZD.
  • We have a minimum user count of 7 users per month, or $560/mth.
  • For user counts greater than 100, we offer volume discounts.  Contact us for more information.
  • You will need Microsoft Power Apps license for each user, this is an additional $5/mth.
  • TekStack deploys dashboards using Power BI Pro which is about $8/mth per user, not included.
  • For users that need to access Dynamics 365 Customer Service, each of those users will need a license at $50/mth.  However, any user can create a support Case, close their own case, or view a case.  The users that need to be licensed on D365 are those accessing the Customer Service app, or close other user’s cases.
  • RevenueStack includes our document generator for invoicing or quoting.  If you are not using RevenueStack but want to generate documents like proposals, quotes, or status reports; Document Core Pack is approximately $120/mth.
  • The pricing noted above is based on Annual subscriptions paid in advance.
  • If you prefer Flex monthly pricing, add 12% to the quoted amounts, payment by credit card in USD or CAD.