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TekStack takes an
Account Centric Approach to CRM

B2B buying journeys mean marketing and selling to multiple buyers in an organization, over extended periods of time. That’s why TekStack incorporates Forrester’s B2B Demand Waterfall to maximize funnel conversion:

  • Track multiple buyers and their engagement
  • Categorize organizations by account stage
  • Know your conversion ratios and stage durations
  • Track multi-touch attribution


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B2B Revenue Waterfall

Manage Complex Deals with Ease

TekStack’s Opportunity Management handles all the complexity of selling expensive and conceptual products and services to multiple buyers in a B2B setting.  Handle opportunity values, competitive intel, stakeholder communication, and important sales velocity insights.

Opportunity Management
Customer 360

TekStack provides true
Customer 360

While others talk about Customer 360, TekStack is the only CRM that gives you true Customer 360 providing your team with all the important insights about your customers:

  • Email communication
  • What products they own
  • Subscription renewal dates
  • Invoice status
  • Project Status
  • Help Desk cases

Integrated Quoting

Deliver accurate and professional looking quotes or proposals in seconds.  With TekStack you dont need a third party CPQ or quote generator:

  • Calculate opportunity value as Total Amount, One-time Amount, and Recurring Amount
  • Track multi-year deals for subscription-based software
  • Combine software products with hardware, and service products
  • Define subscription and payment terms
  • Generate proposal documents, quote forms, or order forms in seconds
  • Integrate e-sign sofware
Generate quotes in seconds

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Works with Microsoft 365

TekStack is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Word, and Excel. Automatically capture email activity between buyer and seller. Track appointments. Look up key contact and account information directly from Outlook.  Create a OneNote file and Team for each account.

Outlook Integration

Improve Forecasting Accuracy

The business depends on you to provide an accurate forecast.  You shouldn’t need to track your forecast in a spreadsheet . TekStack gives you the ability to analyze the forecast in real-time:

  • Accurately predict forecasts using Forecast Categories
  • Separate New Customer from Existing Customer opportunities
  • View key velocity metrics like age, days in current stage, days in first stage, and contact engagement
  • Separate Total Amount from Recurring Amount, and One-time Amount


Forecating accuracy

Track Key Metrics

TekStack provides all the reporting you need to improve your team’s success:

  • Current Funnel by TCV and ARR, industry, region, seller, opportunity type
  • Funnel Creation by industry, region, seller, opportunity type
  • Sales Velocity to see if you are tracking to your number
  • Win Analysis and Deal Analysis to see average days to close, average deal size by any attribute
  • Sales Activity and Leaderboards
  • Funnel Conversion metrics


TekStack capabilities related to CRM

TekStack offers other modules that are fully integrated into the CRM capabilities. 

Marketing Automation with TekStack

Marketing Automation

Fully integrated marketing automation for email nurturing, events, and website integration.

Are you an MSP Struggling to scale sales and marketing?

Outbound Sequencing

Increase seller productivity by 5X with integrated outbound prospecting engine.

Built in Power BI Reports

Key Metrics

TekStack’s built in reporting for B2B SaaS companies to analyze sales and recurring revenue metrics.

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