CRM built for B2B Software

Everything your sellers need to build pipe, delight and engage buyers,
and manage opportunities.

Build Funnel Quickly

Build Funnel Quickly

Increase the top of funnel with marketing automation and outbound sequences

Accelerate your deals

Accelerate your deals

Accelerate deals by running sales motions with the help of playbooks.

Increase Wins

Increase Wins

Improve your win rate by focusing on segments you are most successful.

Forecast with Precision

Forecast with Precision

Partner with the finance team by giving them accurate data-driven forecasts.

Best Practices delivered

Built-in Sales Playbooks

TekStack will fire off playbook activities when opportunities reach a certain stage.  This provides sellers with a reminder of what needs to get done.  Document and email templates save sellers time and ensure they can stay on script.

Integrated B2B Revenue Waterfall

TekStack makes sure your account relationships and stages are up to date. By incorporating Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall you’ll know where every account is in their buying journey. Related contacts cascade from key account information so that all your data is in sync.  

Standardized Metrics

TekStack provides 100s of standard Power BI metrics out of the box.  

Fully integrated with Outlook

TekStack is fully integrated with Outlook. Automatically capture email activity between buyer and seller. Track appointments. Look up key contact and account information directly from Outlook

Generate Accurate Quotes in

Sellers can generate proffesional looking quotes quickly. They simply pick the products or services they want to include. In minutes they can generate a great looking proposal, email it to buyers, automatically and save it to the right SharePoint location. Send contracts via esign

Improve Forecasting Accuracy

You shouldn’t need to export your funnel to a spreadsheet just to forecast the business. TekStack gives you the ability to analyze the forecast in real-time using Forecast Categories, and presenting the critical information related to last actions, next actions, and key velocity metrics.  TekStack also separates TCV from ARR and On-time amounts.  The result of which will improve your accuracy which can only help the business make better decisions.

Forecating accuracy

Track Key Metrics

TekStack provides all the reporting you need to improve your team’s success. Leading indicators like Seller Activity, Opportunity Creation, as well as Lagging Indicators like Win Rate and Deal Analysis; everything pre-built and available out-of-the-box