Integrated Outbound Sequencing

Increase the prospecting productivity of your sales team by 5X using automated sequences for outreach.  100% native, fully connected to your Outlook account for maximum deliverability.

Outbound Sequencing

Sellers can build Outbound Sequences with ease

Outbound prospecting is critically important for funnel creation.  Sequences line up the right communication from sellers at the right time.  They also increase seller productivity:

  • Start from scratch or use templates or cloning to build off existing sequences
  • Integrate automated emails with manual tasks like personalized emails, phone calls, or LinkedIn touches
  • Perfectly choreographed with wait times
Build Sequences easily
Send from Outlook

Fully integrated to Outlook for maximum deliverability

TekStack’s outbound emails (both automated and manual emails) send directly from the seller’s outlook account, not some mail server pretender.  This does two things.   First, significantly improves send rates.  Your seller’s email is far less likely to land in junk or quarantine because it works from your trusted Outlook trust. 

Second, your seller will see the email from their Sent folder so they have complete visibility and confidence of what is going on at all times.

Sellers see all the engagement metrics

Sellers can see exactly how their sequences are doing, what messages are most interacted with, key statistics like clicks and opens.  They can also see the prospects that are most heavily engaged.

See all the engagement metrics
One database

One database makes all the difference

Most outbound sequence platforms act as a separate CRM system.  This means you need to coordinate and sync the activity from CRM to the outbound sequence database.  Sellers and marketers have no idea who is in each other’s lists, and how frequently one contact has been emailed  or engaged with.  This is not a problem with TekStack as the app is fully integrated into CRM.  


How does TekStack compare with D365
Sales Accelerator?

There is no comparison. With TekStack your sales team will be up
and running within a day. The product is much easier to use with 
better reporting and insights.


TekStack Dynamics 365 for Sales

Easily create and share sequences

Include logic variables in message subject

Set Delivery Schedule

Send automated emails to contacts

Auto remove contacts from sequence on bounce

Set reply action behaviors

See how sequences are performing

Review & Test email messages

Pause sequences (manually and automatically)

Send directly from Outlook account

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