We are RevOps

We love building B2B technology companies.  We created TekStack to provide prescribed processes and tools so tech companies can grow profitably.  We want to give customers all the tools and metrics we never had in our 50 combined years of scaling businesses. Your technology stack is broken, that’s why we fixed it.

James & Marc, Co-Founders

Think of TekStack as an extension of your team

Experts in Revenue Operations for B2B Tech companies
100s of fully prescribed business processes that tech companies need to grow profitably.
100s of pre-built metrics that tech companies should be looking at daily
Built on Microsoft’s best technology like Power Platform and Teams

We believe that the best run software companies
need to do 100 different things, better.

Running a growing, profitable B2B tech company means you need to
nail 100+ different processes. You need the tools and reporting to do it right.
We pre-built all of it on one platform..

research, evaluation, selection, implementation, usage, expansion

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We chose Microsoft Cloud

For companies that are running Microsoft 365 products like Outlook, Teams, Word, and Excel; TekStack becomes a natural extension.  We combine the power of productivity with the reporting and security of Microsoft. 

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Specialization and Focus is key

Our tight industry focus means we can come to our customers with answers to questions.  No need for customization. Companies that are a strong fit for what we do have these things in common:

You sell technology to other businesses

We only work with technology companies that have a B2B buying journey.  Really specific.  We don’t work outside of tech companies, and don’t support use cases for DTC companies.   We’re talking SaaS companies, IT Service companies, and some MSPs that are focused on growth, or offer project oriented in services.

You are cash funded, PE backed, or need to operate profitably.

Amazingly, at this point in our journey, TekStack doesn’t any venture funded customers.  They are all cash funded, PE owned, or public companies.  These types of companies care more about profitable growth than growth at any cost.   When you have accountability to unit economics you tend to demand more from your internal tools.

You deliver projects and provide customers with support

B2B tech companies that have a delivery team that either bill for their services, or have to on-board customers with services. Also, companies that need to track support tickets.

You love Microsoft

You either run Microsoft 365 internally (we’re talking Outlook, Teams, Office 365) and/or use Microsoft technology in your solution offering and want to run your business on Microsoft technology. If you are a Google Suite shop, we’re not for you. As a Microsoft app we actually deploy the software inside your tenant, and use Active Directory to manage security and access – kind of the opposite of all these other tools.

You want Customer 360 from one tool, not seven

Some companies are okay with allowing each team to pick the right tool for their department. If so, we’re probably not for you. Instead of having seven different apps tracking customer information, we’re built for companies that want one unified experience. We are talking about marketing, outbound prospecting, CRM, subscription/invoicing, professional services, support, and customer success.

You want to reduce internal tech stack costs

Companies that are sick of paying for under-utilized or over bloated technology to run the business and would rather put that money to use by hiring more sales people, spend more marketing dollars, or add team members in other parts of the business.

You want OOTB SOPs

Companies that want standard processes and tools that support them, including reporting. TekStack has thought through 100s of use cases that a typical B2B company needs in every area of the business from marketing, prospecting, sales, services, billing, renewals, and support.  It’s like hiring a couple 25 year industry veterans to think through each part of your business, and then investing 10,000s of hours to build the perfect tool. We did all that for you already. You just have to pay us less than you pay those other vendors today to get 300% more.

Supported by a team
that cares about your business goals

Ready to fulfill your
company’s destiny?