Microsoft Business Central for Accounting

Microsoft’s updated partner benefits packages now include Business Central licenses. It’s a perfect opportunity to move from your existing accounting platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central for Microsoft Partners

Go all in with Microsoft

Your customers want to know that you are running your business on the same tech that you are selling to them. 
Make a move to a full Microsoft stack with TekStack.

Outgrowing your accounting package?

You’re not alone. Many partners start their business on tools like QuickBooks or Xero.  By moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft partners can gain access to the features they need to scale their business. 

  • Better multi-company, multi-currency support
  • Power BI reporting
  • Full audit history
  • Robust security controls
  • Copilot capabilities

TekStack can get you started

We provide an accelerated implementation package based on best practices that will get you moving. Our configuration provides reporting and an integration to TekStack’s revenue management for automated invoicing. 

Speed up billing with TekStack’s
Integration to Business Central

Not only can TekStack get you running on Business Central. Our Revenue Management module fully integrates to Business Central. The result is more accurate invoicing, done faster, with accurately, and through less effort.

Automatically create new Customer records in Business Central

When a seller closes an opportunity with a new account, TekStack will create a new Customer record in Business Central.  This reduces manual entry for accounting and ensures all the correct information is synced between the two systems.

Invoices are auto-generated and synced to Business Central

Once an invoice is required, it is automatically generated and synced to your Business Central

Invoice payment status is updated in TekStack

Once payment has been made, the invoice payment status is updated in TekStack

Billing contacts are synced between the two systems

Billing contacts are synced between both systems

Deferred Revenue entries are populated as revenue entries

Deferred Revenue entries are populated as revenue entries 

Business Central

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