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TekStack Webinar – Punch above your weight in 2024

Nov 29, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

How B2B tech companies that have limited sales and marketing capacity can outper...

TekStack has won the AI Lottery – and we’re giving you a piece of the action.

Nov 13, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

TekStack revolutionizes tech biz with Microsoft's Copilot: AI-driven apps for ef...

End to End Revenue Management

Nov 7, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

If B2B Tech companies want to grow profitably, then how you manage revenue is im...

It’s Event Season! Marketing tips to getting the most out of your next trade show.

Oct 3, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

It’s Event Season. Your booth is picked, logistics are set.  Now it’...

Best Practices with Engaging High Intent Website Visitors

Sep 20, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

The website is usually seen as something that falls under marketing’s domain a...

How Microsoft partners can convert ‘True Down’ Risk into ‘True Up’ Opportunity

Sep 12, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

An issue that Microsoft partners are facing this year, especially Business Centr...

10 Signs to Spot Real Opportunities from Fake

Aug 31, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

As a sales manager trying to manage multiple reps, each of whom might have dozen...

5 Ways to Really F*@k Up Software Deals

Aug 25, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

Software deals are facing more scrutiny than ever.  With deals extending longer...

Why Revenue Operations should be a priority for B2B Tech CEOs

Aug 18, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

Firstly, lets align on what revenue operations is.  Here is the definition we a...

TekStack Partner Module: An integrated approach to managing partner deals

Jul 25, 2023

by Marc DiGiorgio

Often recognized as the fastest moving, highest win rate deals, partner referral...


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