Fully Integrated Marketing Automation

Having marketing automation integrated into the same database as your CRM provides sellers with full visibility of buyer behavior and marketing activity.

Marketing Automation

Use Marketing Insights to Drive the Buyer’s Journey

TekStack incorporates Contact Engagement Scoring to identify accounts that are ready to engage with Scoring.  When a group of buyers reach an aggregate score, your sellers are automatically alerted that its time to engage. 

This approach allows you to see activity across buyers in an account, and allow buyers to self educate over time until they tell you they are ready.

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B2B Revenue Waterfall
Marketing Automation with TekStack

Fully Native means more visibility for Sellers

Many CRM systems like Salesforce just bolt-on marketing automation tools.  The databases are completely separated which provides no value to sellers.  With TekStack, sellers will have full visibility on buyer behaviors like:

  • Which webpages they visited
  • Which marketing emails they’ve received
  • Which web forms they’ve filled out
  • First, last, and middle touch attribution
  • Visibility at contact and account levels

TekStack is partnered with ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions provides marketing automation software on the Microsoft Power Platform.  This allows TekStack to provide rich marketing capabilities that are fully integrated into TekStack’s CRM and Outbound Sequencing apps.  This article explains why we think having marketing automation software in the same database as CRM is important.

All the Features you need to Drive Growth

ClickDimensions is a fully featured marketing automation platform.  The best part is that the pricing model doesn’t punish companies with high counts of contacts, or charge for sellers to view marketing data from within CRM.  

All the capabilities you need to scale your marketing success  
Send high quality emails safety
Integrate your website forms
Find out who is visiting your site
Integrate your social media accounts
Manage opt-in compliance
Visualize activity with a marketing calendar
Automate campaigns with trigger-based rules
Fire up new landing pages quickly
Use engagement scoring to engage buyers at the right time
Send SMS messages
Manage Events
Conduct Surveys