Be the software company that provides killer customer support

Make your help desk your superpower. TekStack provides your company with omnipresent support, and your customer with flexible self help tools that turn them into evangelists.

Let your customers decide how they want to connect

Dealer’s choice. Phone, email, portal, live chat; provide your customers with all the options. An omnichannel approach gives customers options to engage, and engagement is a very good thing!

Provide self-help options

Integrated Knowledge Articles can be accessed via web search, or used for case deflection as customers submit a case through the portal. The same Knowledge Articles can be referenced by your support team when responding to support incidents.

Fully manage Queues and Assign Cases

Use Queues to Triage Cases. Assign cases across the organization. It’s easy, because everyone is on the same software platform with TekStack.

Link Support Requests to DevOps

How many support requests are tied to the same product issue? TekStack will let your track cases to existing product bug tasks.

Create Premium Support Plans

Do you offer premium support plans but lack the operational controls to differentiate? TekStack can track different SLAs and Entitlements based on the plan the customer is on. This gives you more options in providing premium support programs to the customers that demand it.

Track Internal Costs

TekStack makes it easy to Track time and effort against support cases. When you tie a support role cost you can determine what each customer requires in terms of costs each year.