Get a Much Needed Marketing Boost

TekStack’s marketing-as-a-service provides B2B tech
companies with the best on-ramp to marketing

Selling B2B Technology
is hard. We get it.

TekStack understands long, complex sales cycles that feature stiff competition.  Our team has built multiple companies to significant scale.  We can help your business too.

Agencies suck

Companies often turn to agencies to generate demand.  But most agencies don’t get B2B marketing and rely heavily on paid ads and vanity metrics.  TekStack is more like an un-agency.  We integrate sales and marketing motions together focusing on the only prize, new deals that close.

Throwing big bucks at a paid ad strategy
is never the Answer

TekStack recommends perfecting a targeted account strategy
using outbound sequencing.  Only once that is rolling, we fire
up a targeted ad strategy that includes retargeted audiences on
Google and narrow focused ads on LinkedIn.

All the capabilities you need to build
your market presence.

Our ultimate goal is for you to outgrow our services and run an
internal team.  Until you get there, we provide the following
services with two monthly packages.

Update your Key Messaging

Refresh how you speak to your market, explaining your value, the problems you solve, and how you differentiate yourself.  This document is the seed that spawns website updates, blogs, social posts, outbound prospecting sequences, and digital assets.

Thoughtful Content 

Post on Social Channels

Keep your LinkedIn Company Page alive with three posts per week.  Buyers will check you out as a credible offering.  Your LinkedIn presence is part of that.

LinkedIn Posts 

Create Thoughtful Content

Generate monthly blogs that will be used in social posts, links in outbound prospecting sequences, and for on-page SEO.

Thoughtful Content 

Produce Digital Assets

Buyers need to be engaged and educated about how you solve their problems.  TekStack will create thoughtful digital content like industry guides, case studies, videos, and more.

Produce Thoughtful Content

Manage Ad Accounts

Only when you are ready to invest in paid ad programs, TekStack will setup your Google Audiences, LinkedIn Audiences, Google Retargeting ads, Google search, Youtube preroll ads, and LinkedIn ads.

Paid Ads

Manage Website Changes

We’ll maintain your WordPress website so that its updated with key messaging changes, new landing pages, blog articles, and on-page SEO.   We can even build a new site for you.


Effective Outbound Sequences

Outbound prospecting is the lowest cost approach to finding new opportunities, but it needs to be done write.  TekStack will write effective outbound sequences with the right message, right cadence, and the right links.

Outbound Sequencing

List Curation

While there are multiple data sources like ZoomInfo, these databases are prone to errors.  TekStack’s approach is to human curate lists of appropriate buyers based on your ideal customer profile.  List accuracy is critical and this is the best way to do it.

Subscription & Renewal Management

Monthly CMO Insights

Get monthly insights from a CMO level resource that will analyze marketing and sales data to provide recommendations and go forward actions.


Two Managed Services Packages

Combine TekStack’s software with on of our two affordable monthly service packages. Get Industry
Experience with less risk and lower cost than hiring a junior marketing
resource.  Higher quality and lower cost than a marketing agency.

Essentials Package

$2250 per month

Everything you need to support your
Outbound Prospecting efforts:

  • Updated Key Messaging
  • Weekly LinkedIn Posts
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Assets
  • Monthly Contact List Curation
  • Write Effective Outbound Sequences


$4300 per month

For those ready to super charge their
efforts.  Includes Essentials package, plus:

  • Build Google and LinkedIn Audiences
  • Manage Adwords and LinkedIn Ads
  • Additional Digital Assets
  • Additional online events management
  • Additional contacts curated each month
  • Fractional CMO Insights
  • Monthly Performance reporting

Does your Brand need a Reboot?

TekStack also offers services to tighten your message, and improve
your brand’s image.  These services are provided by CMO level
resources that have deep experience in B2B tech. 

Market Strategy Consulting

$20,000 one time fee

To make your efforts most effective, you should have a tight market definition, differentiation, positioning.
TekStack delivers this in 30 days:

  • Identify Market Problems
  • Market Definition and Market Sizing analysis
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Buyer Personas
  • Key Messaging document
  • Target Key Metrics to achieve growth goals

Brand Assets

$10,000 one time fee

Build new brand assets.

  • New Website
  • Logo refresh
  • Brand guidelines
  • 3min Product Video