Build an unstoppable
Marketing Machine

TekStack will help you move from an owner-led sales strategy,
to building a predictable sales funnel using a three stage
process rooted in B2B Best Practices

Build a Market Strategy

TekStack can provide you market strategy
services to validate:

  • Market Size
  • Market Problems
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Market Differentiators
  • Positioning Document

This is a 30-day exercise that will become
the cornerstone of your future go-to-market
activities. We apply the principles of the
Pragmatic Marketing Framework.

Impress with a new look!

We’ll give your company a marketing makeover complete with updated website, LinkedIn presence, new marketing assets like case studies, or guides; in addition to tools the sales team needs like presentation templates, alignment letter, and more.


With your updated strategy and new brand and look, you are ready to hit the streets.
TekStack’s marketing team will:

  • Update and maintain your LinkedIn presence with weekly posts and follower building
  • Write blog content each month
  • Edit product or customer testimonial videos
  • Manage and promote periodic webinars
  • Write outbound sequences to drive outbound lead generation
  • Curate datasets based on target market
  • Maintain SEO
  • Manage LinkedIn and Google Ad accounts

Daily Data Management

TekStack can provide a managed service that includes:

Monthly metrics reporting to analyze funnel, funnel creation, win analysis; to look for trends and performance improvement opportunities.

Data management including data curation, import, and hygiene management.

Three Stage Process

TekStack’s three stage process will create
better market fit alignment so that you
can achieve the business results you need.

  • 1 Build a Better Market Strategy
  • 2 Get GoTo-Market Ready
  • 3 Operationalize & Go!

Using Pragmatic Marketing Framework as a guidance, in the first 30 days, TekStack will provide the following outputs:

Market Problems
Market Definition
Distinctive Competencies
Competitive Landscape
Win/Loss Analysis
Buyer Personas
Positioning Document
Inventory of Existing Assets
Website Scorecard
Establish Key Metrics for Sales & Marketing

In the next 30 days, TekStack will improve how you appear to your buyers, delivering key building blocks that include:

Website refresh
3-min Product Video
Landing Pages
Updated LinkedIn company page
Key Digital Assets
Sales Alignment Letter
Outbound Sequence scripts
Nurture Campaign
Sales Presentation Template


While Market Strategy and Go-to-Market steps are being built, TekStack will operationalize your sales process by providing you with

Implementation of SalesStack CRM
Setup of TekStack Sales Accelerator
Sales Key Metrics in Power BI
Sales Forecasting
Campaign Automation (for Grow or Scale packages)

How does TekStack’s service compare to other agencies?

  • Market Strategy. Most agencies don’t challenge the hard decisions around product market fit, segment focus, or win rates. These are the fundamentals. If you don’t get this right, you are wasting your money.
  • Software Industry Experts. Selling software to other businesses is different than marketing consumer based product or shopping cart sites.
  • Business Alignment. TekStack focuses on one metric, getting more deals in the pipe. By focusing marketing down to the bottom of the funnel you get instant alignment with the sales team. The feedback loop of what is working and what is not working is instant.
  • We don’t rely on Paid Ad programs. Most agencies target “vanity” metrics and use expensive paid ad programs to get “results”. Their results don’t translate into opportunities and they are very expensive to produce.
  • Integrated Tools & Processes. TekStack’s marketing service comes with SalesStack, our CRM tool so that we can embed processes and capture metrics.

A monthly package for every company

TekStack’s marketing service costs less than hiring
a “T-Shaped” marketer but gives you a cross-functional
team at costs that are lower than a traditional agency

  Base Grow Scale
Market Strategy
Get GTM Ready
Sales Acceleration App
Marketing Automation software  
Marketing Tokens each month 20 45 80

Package options (monthly pricing, annual term)







Market strategy (identify market problems, market definition, competitors, define buyer persona)


New website


3 minute overview video


New sales assignments (alignment letter, sales deck, discovery questions, objectives)


Update key messaging document

Landing pages

2 4 4

Manage social channels (posts per week)

3 3 3

Build LinkedIn followers

Blog posts each month

1 2 2

Digital assets per year (eg. case studies, guides, sell sheets)

2 4 6

Video edits per year (intro, outro, thumbnail, section animation)

3 4 6

List building (targeted contacts added per month)

250 400 400

List import

Outbound vertical campaign (per quarter)

1 2 2

Webinar events (per year)

1 2 3

Monthly social media review and action plan



Using Marketing Tokens we build the right plan for your business

Marketing Tokens give you the variability you need in your marketing programs each month. We will put a plan together for you based on your priorities. You can throttle up or down as needed.

Example Marketing Activity Token Spend
New Digital Asset 20
Explainer Video 30
Upsell Email Campaign 10
New Customer Email Campaign 10
New Landing Page or Website Page 10
Webinar 15
Setup Keyword SEO 10
Setup Paid Ad 10
Web Research (per 200 contacts) 10
LinkedIn Company Page setup 10
LinkedIn Company updates (1 organic, 1 shared/week) 5
Ghostwriting Blog Article 10
Sales Sequence Setup 5
Press Release 5
Customer Case Study 15
Webinar 15
Tradeshow 25