You’ve tried this marketing shtick before and all you feel the only tangible thing you were left with was a huge invoice. Does that mean marketing isn’t for you?

There are few avenues you may have explored already:

  • DIY – you spent weeks browsing through online guides and webinars, followed by more hours creating content to share
  • You’ve hired an intern but they just didn’t get your proposition because your solution offering is just too deep and complex
  • Microsoft materials – Microsoft provides a bunch of materials to partners. But that means everyone has the same stuff – it’s hard to differentiate yourself in an already competitive market if your prospects have already seen the same content before
  • Marketing agencies – Definitely not the cheapest option, but you do get the advantage of an entire team that does only this for a living. Unfortunately, they usually don’t fully understand what your industry, audience or goals are

All is not lost, there is a better approach to scale your business – TekStack’s Marketing-as-a-Service.


What makes TekStack’s Marketing-as-a-Service better?

In young but maturing companies, marketing should be made as easy as possible. These companies are trying to hit a stride and don’t have time or money to waste on optimizing business processes like marketing operations, or buying a bunch of expensive tools. TekStack will help you move from an owner-led sales strategy, to building a predictable sales funnel using a three stage process rooted in B2B Best Practices.


A Marketing Strategy based on the Pragmatic Framework

We apply the principles of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework when creating your marketing strategy. This is a 30-day exercise that will become the cornerstone of your future go-to-market activities.

Our market strategy services validate:

  • Market Size
  • Market Problems
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Market Differentiators
  • Positioning Document


TekStack x ClickDimensions

Our partnership with ClickDimensions means you can have your CRM, Marketing Automation platform, and Outbound Sequence engine all pulling from the same system of record. Not an “integration”, but actually in the same environment. This seems basic, but it’s uncommon, and very important when dealing with fluid buying cycles found in B2B SaaS.


TekStack’s One Common database allows your CRM, Marketing Automation platform, and Outbound Sequence engine to all pull from the same system of record.


How many times have you seen your marketing team wanting to launch a new campaign and there being a battle with sales over who should and should not be included in that list? This is impossible to manage if your three main systems are all different vendors and databases. This is particularly true with marketing to existing customers as existing lists get dated very quickly.

Find out more the Click Dimensions partnership here.


Outbound Sequencing

The key to an effective outbound sequence isn’t just running high volume email blasts, it’s the integrated motions within the sequences. Yes, it takes more time, but results are much higher in funnel conversion, and that’s the name of the game.

The quickest way to increase sales bookings is to improve your win rate and conversion metrics. Each has a multiplier effect on your company’s sales bookings. Let’s run some numbers: A software company running at a 25% win rate, where 30% of their ‘leads’ get through marketing, and create opportunities from these leads 30% of the time.

Simply increasing the win rate from a not horrible 22% to a decent 30% impacts the sales bookings by significant 36%. By adding more focus in your lead generation and outbound efforts, you could increase your bookings by a whopping 180%. Imagine winning 50% plus? That can happen with a tighter ideal customer profile and product-market-fit. We talk more about how outbound is the new inbound in another blog.

We follow Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall

Sales and Marketing departments are not always aligned as closely as they should be. Compensation, misalignment on conversion metrics, budget fights, human nature, and lack of real attribution data adds to this. Now layer on disparate tools and antiquated processes; most companies are wasting valuable time and money on sales and marketing programs; and are not focused on the big prize.

TekStack is built with out-of-the-box reporting is completely aligned with the principles offered by Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall. Here are some of the pieces we built into TekStack offering customers a complete out of the box experience:

  • Customer Lifecycle Stages at the Account Level
  • Incorporate Scoring models and Intent signals
  • Automating Account Stage Changes
  • Capturing Nurture & Re-Prospect Events
  • Categorizing Opportunity Types
  • Key Metrics


Read more about how TekStack aligns with Forrester’s B2B Revenue Waterfall



Frankly, we’re a much more cost effective option. TekStack offers three levels, even the most expensive monthly option would compete with the cost of a full-time resource.  TekStack’s marketing service costs less than hiring a “T-Shaped” marketer but gives you a cross-functional team at costs that are lower than a traditional agency

We also advocate for building your marketing momentum organically. Most agencies will immediately throw you into expensive Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook ads, spending $1000s per week on low conversion low quality ‘leads’.   TekStack’s approach is slower growing but takes a ‘demand generation’ approach which is tighter aligned to your sellers, and is based on organic approaches which are lower cost and high conversion.


We’re a B2B SaaS company like you

We’re in the same industry as you, and are extending what we do for ourselves, for you! We know what your challenges are, and what you would rather be doing – we’re here to make marketing as painless as possible. We only help create or finetune your marketing strategy after we’ve had in-depth discussions with you – and not try to force a pre-packaged one your way.

We like to experiment on ourselves, and if we find a new strategy that works, then we’ll extend it to your marketing efforts as well.


Your content is made for you

No, we don’t have a library of pre-written articles and canned emails that we use for you. All content TekStack gives you is made after consulting with you to understand the direction to proceed in, then written for your company with your audience in mind.


Are you ready to build an unstoppable marketing machine?

Get an updated marketing strategy with a new brand and look with TekStack’s marketing team. Talk to us to find out how to build your marketing machine.