Punch above your weight in 2024

How B2B tech companies that have limited sales and marketing capacity can outperform their competition through a hyper focused approach to market strategy.

This 30 min webinar will provide lots of important information for any B2B tech company that wants to improve customer acquisition in 2024.  This has been a weird year, and 2024 isn’t looking any different.  Customer acquisition is harder than ever, but its not impossible.

Punch above your weight in 2024

Some added resources that are referenced in the webinar:

Download this information kit.  the ‘Go Vertical’ zip file contains all the templates that are referenced in the webinar.  You can apply your business using these templates.

If you are interested in having a conversation about how TekStack’s Marketing-as-a-Service offering can help your business, get in touch.  We love to build tech companies.

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