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Upwards of 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue is through their 400,000 partners.  In a 2021 article posted in CRN, for every dollar in Microsoft revenue, partners are driving $7.63 additional dollars, making the Microsoft ecosystem as big as a G7 nation’s GDP.

As a partner-first company, Microsoft has a phenomenal partner program including generous benefits.  This article explains the three newly introduced benefits packages that partners can unlock to gain access to tens of thousands of dollars in internal product usage.

Partner Launch Benefits

This is the entry level package available for US$345 per year and provides 5 Microsoft 365 Business Premium seats, 4 seats of Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, and 4 seats of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Success Core Benefits

The highest value package available for US$895 per year and provides 15 seats each of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Success Expanded Benefits

35 seats of each product for US$3,995 per year.

For more information about Microsoft’s new benefits program, visit their website.

So what changed?

In the past, Microsoft provided its Silver and Gold partners with an IUR, or Internal Usage Rights, to products and services.  The idea being that if partners could use the products they are out there selling, their conviction would be that much greater.  Microsoft wouldn’t want a bunch of partners running competitive products like QuickBooks, HubSpot, or Google Workspace would it?

With that program ending in late 2022, Microsoft needed to find a way to continue to provide these great products to partners, hence the new benefits packages.

Can I still buy Action Pack?

Yes, Microsoft still lists Action Pack on its website as a package that can be renewed and purchased.  We’d say the new Partner Launch Benefits package would be slightly favorable because it also includes Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s SMB accounting and inventory management software.

Get the most out of Microsoft's partner program and software with TekStack

How do I get the most from this software?

Microsoft creates amazing platform tools.  But the reality is that Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Business Central are not ready to go out of the box.  They need configuration, training, and support to get the most out of the tools.

How does TekStack help?

Many Microsoft partners realize that out of the box, these tools don’t fill an immediate void.  Mostly because they are large platforms built for scale, and require lots of customization and configuration to get running.

TekStack provides B2B technology companies with all the capabilities needed to grow their business profitably.  We’re talking marketing, sales, professional services, customer support, customer success, and billing; all from one platform.  Which happens to run on Microsoft Power Platform, the same as Dynamics 365.  Partners can apply their Benefits package to TekStack.

We also provide managed services to drive revenue results too.  So, for partners looking to improve their revenue operations fast, we become a much lower cost to drive results than hiring an internal team.

To see a full list of the features that TekStack delivers on top of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Central, and Microsoft 365, see this article.

What’s the alternative?

More Microsoft partners than less tend to get frustrated with these free platforms and many choose to go to the dark side and implement competitive products like HubSpot or Salesforce for CRM, Monday.com for project management, Zendesk for support, and QuickBooks for accounting.

Could you imagine?  A Microsoft partner running non-Microsoft products?  What would their clients think of that?

TekStack becomes the best alternative, allowing you to get the most out of the Microsoft tools while also driving your business forward.

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