Product Demos for Sales

Product videos of key functions the sales team needs to be successful in growing a software and service company.

Give back time to your sales team

TekStack makes your sales team more productive. Easily search and track information. Full integration to MS Outlook. Use OneNote to collect discovery notes and information throughout the sales process. Integrate to Microsoft Teams to manage documents and collaborate on deals.

Using an Account-Centric approach to Sales

Make sense of your data and ensure your sales team is aligned to the buyer’s journey. Using Sirius Decisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall will make sense of your data. Your sales team will approach accounts at the right time and work in harmony with marketing’s awareness efforts.

Sales Playbooks to increase win rate and deal velocity

Playbooks are the fastest way to promote consistent selling motions in the organization. The trouble is that they are hard to reinforce with the team. TekStack builds playbooks into each step of the buyer’s journey guiding your reps to do the right things at the right time. Incorporating email templates, document templates to speed up their efforts, deal velocity, and win rates.

Using Products on Opportunities is the best way to ensure quoting consistency and setting up accuracy down the line

Opportunity value should be driven by Products. TekStack supports pricing based on price lists, and subscription terms. TekStack also makes it easy to quote services. The result is the ability to create subscriptions and renewals, accurate invoices, accurate forecasting, and product level reporting so you can analyze your success.

Provide sales leaders with leading indicators to ensure success down the line

Provide your sales leaders with the leading indicator data they need to coach reps and ensure the activity levels are where they should be. The outlook integration for appointments and emails provides part of this visibility. Sales playbooks also generate tasks that can be tracked as open or complete. Embedded views and charts also show the rate of opportunity creation.

Accurate forecast data combined with powerful tools

Forecast by org chart hierarchy, sales territory, or even product. Separate ARR forecasts from total contract value or services revenue. Easily review opportunities and update them in real-time. Combine snapshots with powerful visualizations like trend graphs and sankey flow diagrams to analyze what is happening in your business.