Subscription & Renewal

TekStack gives you the tools you need to manage
your most important revenue, ARR.

TekStack will show you how to…

Track Subscription Revenue

Track Subscription Revenue

Manage ARR by customer and by revenue type automatically as part of your deal close process

Manage Renewals

Manage Renewals

Automate the renewal process. Automatically generate renewal opportunities and run renewal playbooks

Automate Invoicing

Automate Invoicing

General Renewal Invoices isn’t always straightforward. TekStack handles co-terming invoices, and contracted price increases automatically

Why are you managing your most important revenue in a spreadsheet?

TekStack integrates the sales order process with the generation of a subscription, providing a central source for the most important revenue type that your business generates.

Subscription & Renewal Management
TekStack Subscription & Renewal Management

Track Key Metrics

TekStack delivers a full set of key metrics, delivered in Power BI

  • Subscription Momentum
  • Subscription Growth
  • Subscription Churn
  • Funnel Growth

Give your Customer Success team the
information they need

Provide your team with subscription information about a customer:

  • What does the customer own, what quantity, and what price?
  • What is the transaction history over time?
  • When is the renewal due?
Subscription & Renewal Management

All the features you need to grow
your subscription business

TekStack is a fully featured and fully integrated subscription management
app. No need for third party tools to manage your most important revenue.

Generate Subscription on Deal Close

Define Subscription Terms (1 month, 1 year, Multi-year)

Define Renewal process (on signed contract, or automatic)

Generate Invoices

Manage Contracted Price Increases

Manage Co-terming Invoices

Automate Renewal Process

Start subscriptions on specified date

Start subscription on project milestone completion

Track Downsells and Upsells

Track Attrition (including reason codes)

Capture Net Churn at Customer Level

Track Subscription Momentum month over month

Visualize ARR Trend by Revenue Type

Analyze ARR by Product, Industry, Territory, Customer Segment

Track Live ARR and ARR at Risk