Customer Success Software

Your software company’s success is dependent on your customer’s success.  However most companies are under invested in programs and tools to get there.  TekStack can help with our customer success app.

Track Customer Health

Track Customer Health

Track customer health based on insights including NPS, days sales outstanding, relationship strength, support cases, and product use telemetry.
Gain a 360 degree view

Gain a 360 degree view

Give your team a full view of the customer. What products they own, track support tickets, project information, everything they need to manage customer success.
Run Playbooks

Run Playbooks

Run playbooks to drive key action at the right time with the customer.  Playbooks kick off based on upcoming renewals, changes in lifecycle stage, or customer health.

Are we profitable with
this customer?

Thats a question everyone has asked. Are we profitable with certain customers. Almost impossible to answer without tracking direct revenue against direct costs. TekStack makes it easy and delivers that information to the Customer Success Manager right on the account form.

By looking at lifetime revenue against labor costs associated to support and project delivery, TekStack can provide this information and allow you to make important decisions as a business.

Customer Success App

Gain Insights

Understand where the customer is in their journey with you.  What stage (implementation, expansion, advocacy), and if they are at risk.

Customer Net Promoter Score is a good indicator of customer sentiment, if applied correctly.  TekStack will trigger NPS surveys at key moments in their journey.  For example, 90 days before an annual renewal, or right after go-live.  This information can be reviewed overtime, categorized by role of the contact.  It is available readily on the account record, and in Power BI reporting.

Know who in your organization is talking to whom.  TekStack automatically tracks email activity across contacts and across all team members.  Customer success managers will always have insight into what is happening across support and projects.  This information rolls up to a Relationship Depth Index and Relationship Strength Index so you know which customers need attention.

Metrics you need to achieve customer success

Out-of-the-box reporting for your team

  • Retention Rate
  • Net Churn Rate
  • Renewal Analysis
  • ARR at Risk
  • Live ARR
  • Relationship Strength Index

Automate the Renewal Process

Is your renewal strategy to send a renewal invoice 60 days in
advance and hope for the best? We’ve all been there. But
you can do better by running automated renewal playbooks.

Customer Success app

Empower your Customer

Provide your customers with access to a self service portal where they can:

  • Upload Documents
  • Update Action Items
  • Review Project progress & budget
  • View Invoices
  • Access their support cases