All your B2B SaaS Metrics

No need to build reporting yourself. TekStack provides key metrics
delivered right out of the box.

TekStack has all of the
indicators you need:

  • Activity leaderboards
  • Sales activity
  • Marketing leads

TekStack has all of the funnel
reporting you need including:

  • Funnel Size including pipeline change over time
  • Funnel Creation by lead source and seller
  • Deal analysis by product, territory, industry, and seller
  • Sales forecast

Understand where you win and lose:

  • Win rate by lead source, product, industry, territory, and seller
  • Average deal velocity by the same filters
  • Win rate over time
  • Closed deals per month

Get a better handle on
customer momentum

  • Opening & closing MRR by month
  • Subscription growth rate by revenue type
  • Net churn & retention
  • Renewal management
  • Customer relationship analysis

Understand project profitability and progress:

  • Budget to actual by project
  • Time entry and team utilization
  • Services revenue forecast
  • Project status
  • Services revenue forecast

Key help desk metrics
to ensure customers are supported:

  • Top customer cases
  • Cases created and resolved by month
  • Case severity & resolution time
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Net Promoter Score

See it in Action

This walk-thru overview will give you a sense of the reporting available OOTB

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Delivered with Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is recognized by Forrester and Gartner as being the market leading reporting tool. The best part is that it is also fully integrated into the Microsoft stack

All your B2B SaaS Metrics

Fully enable Collaboration

TekStack’s Power BI App can be accessed from mobile device, web, within TekStack, and even Microsoft Teams. Collaborate on key metrics, engage a conversation. Identify problems quickly and decide the right course of action as a team. Online, together not in silos

All your B2B SaaS Metrics