Pre-configured sales & marketing tools

Whether your SaaS business is Sales & Marketing led, or Product Led, TekStack provides an out-of-the-box pre-config: buying stages, workflows, scoring, and campaign templates.

Software your sales and marketing teams actually want to use.

Access directly from Outlook, or from task-based PowerApps, makes it easy for the team to capture information on the fly. Easy-to-use software prevents CRM functions from being a chore.

Embedded insights drive smarter selling.

Provides next best step to move the buying process forward, based on contextual information. Optimize email engagements with metrics on open, and response. Social listening provides insight on buyer sentiments.

Use LinkedIn to build relationships
with real engagement.

Unify relationship data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Build relationships with the right people, across all buyers in the organization.

Build scale and reduce ramp.

Everything sales leaders and sales operations need to run the business. From powerful report visualization, planning tools, and workflow/task configuration.

Marketing automation to support the customer journey.

Manage multi-channel marketing, event management, webinars, and lead scoring from the same platform that follows your customer journey. This makes it easier to support back-to-base and account-based marketing.

Event Management


Lead Scoring

Account-Based Marketing