How does TekStack compare
to base Dynamics 365 for Sales?

TekStack is built on Microsoft Power Apps and uses key D365 capabilities.
We then build missing features that are needed by B2B Software companies.

Out of the box Features

TekStack Base D365

Optimized business processes for B2B sales.

Sales acceleration with outbound sequences

Improved Teams & SharePoint integration

Subscription-based pricing & quoting

Fixed Price service proposals

Professional services automation

Subscription & renewal management

Billing & invoicing software and services

Customer Success

Business Central integration

Key Metrics pre-built in Power BI

30,000 hours of features developed on
top of Base Dynamics 365

And counting. We aren’t done yet. We’ve built functionality for, and pre-configured
every business process your software business needs to consider.
Spend your time working on your own new product features or keeping
your customers happy. We’ll take care of your internal operations.

Support & Upgrades Included

TekStack’s monthly pricing includes application
support to handle any questions. Upgrades are
included as well. We push out product updates every two weeks.

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