Half of our customers
migrated from D365 for Sales

These are Microsoft partners that wanted a CRM to help their business grow, while still running a full Microsoft stack.  We’re a way better option than jumping to HubSpot or Salesforce.

B2B tech companies need more from their CRM

Many Microsoft partners realize that their free access to Dynamics 365 just doesn’t deliver the experience they need to drive profitable growth.  They need more capabilities out of the box than what D365 for Sales can deliver.

B2B Revenue Waterfall
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That’s where we come in

TekStack delivers all the functionality you need to find new customers, delivery projects, take care of customers, and manage revenue and invoicing.  Everything from one tool built on Power Platform.

All the Features a Growing B2B Tech Company
needs to drive Profitable Growth

Out of the box Features

TekStack D365 for Sales

Account-centric approach to selling.

100’s of business processes ready to go.

Improved Teams & SharePoint integration

One-click quoting

Track subscription-based products

Automate customer renewals

Manage projects & customer communication

Schedule resources & track time

Track project profitability

Invoice software, hardware, and services

Manage customer success from one view

Business Central integration that actually works

Key Metrics pre-built in Power BI

We’re a Model-Driven App too!

TekStack is built on the same underlying platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales.  As a Power App, we get the benefit of great security, scalability, ease of access that D365 for Sales.  But we extend our functionality with thousands of pre-built features that B2B tech companies need.

A better alternative to Dynamics 365 for Sales
Key Metrics

Offering 100s of Key Metrics in Power BI

We have pre-built 100s of metrics in Power BI.  We’re talking sales metrics, subscription metrics, renewal metrics, as well as project delivery.

With all the Microsoft 365 Integration you need

Our integration to Microsoft tools like Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, and OneNote is much stronger than what Microsoft delivers out of the box.  We’ve thought through every use case a B2B tech company needs to connect the last mile of plumbing.

Outbound Sequencing

We can fix all your revenue operations issues

TekStack starts from $795/month.

And that includes the support your business needs to operate

TekStack customers benefit from upgrades and support for when you need it.  Kinda like how you support your customers.

Outbound Sequencing

Ready to fulfill your
company’s destiny?