Professional Services Automation powered by Microsoft Power Apps 

TekStack is your Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool of choice if your company is heavily using Microsoft tools like Teams, and Office 365.

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Manage Projects

Manage Projects

Create projects from templates and manage schedules, change requests, and issues from a central place
Schedule Resources

Schedule Resources

Manage what projects your team works on and schedule your resources to the maximum utilization
Manage Revenue

Manage Revenue

Generate invoices for T&M, Fixed Price, or Managed Services projects. Forecast services revenue based on project scheduling

Manage Project Information with Professional Services Automation

TekStack makes it easy for project managers to edit projects and see information

  • Interactive Gantt visual
  • Drill into project tasks
  • Successors, Predecessors, and task linking
  • Track progress, and gross margin per task

Find Resources With Professional Services Automation 

TekStack allows you to assign resources to a project or project task. You can search for resources based on role and availability.

  • Assign resources based on role
  • Book resources for an entire project task or split across resources
  • View resource availability at the time they are being booked
  • Resource bookings immediately update resource utilization

Time Entry

TekStack provides users with multiple ways to enter time and will pre-enter time for resources who have been assigned tasks.

  • Enter time against project tasks, user stories, or support cases
  • Pre-populate time entry based on assigned tasks for the week
  • Update remaining hours to provide PMs with a clear estimate-at-completion
  • Track entered time against weekly goals
  • Identify resources that have not entered a time
  • Approval workflow to resources’ manager or project’s manage
  • Track time against internal projects like R&D.
  • Time entry drives billing recognition or invoicing for TM projects

Compare TekStack to Dynamics 365 Project Operations


TekStack Project Operations

Minimum User Count

5 20

Price per user/mth

$80 $120

Fully integrated into Microsoft stack

Track Projects using Gantt visualization

Track Resources and costs

Invoice Time & Material projects

Invoice Fixed Price projects

Operate Managed Services projects

Track Revenue Recognition

OOTB project status reports

Track User Stories

OOTB portal integration

Pre-populated Time Sheets

Integrated with Sales

Integrated with Support

Get running quickly

Easy to use

Integration to Business Central

Priced right,
fast to implement

TekStack is built for technology or IT-based companies that need to track projects, schedule resources, and bill revenue. 



per user/mth

Professional Services Automation with TekStack Powered by Microsoft with tools such as Teams, Outlook, Office 365 apps, SharePoint, OneNote, and Power BI

All the power of

Professional Services Automation with TekStack Powered by Microsoft with tools such as Teams, Outlook, Office 365 apps, SharePoint, OneNote, and Power BI
TekStack is a Microsoft certified app. As a Power App, it provides all the advantages of Dynamics 365 but without the bloat and complexity. Fully integrated to Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Office 365, and Power BI.