Sales Acceleration Software –
Increase Sales Efficiency

Improve sales performance without investing more money. With TekStack, your company
can improve top of funnel results by up to 30%, and win rates by 20%
without spending an additional dollar.

Integrated Marketing Motions

Automate email nurture programs to your contacts on a
regular basis. Use time or activity based triggers to tailor their experience. Integrate web form capture so your sales team responds immediately. Lead scoring will drive lead stages so that you prioritize your followup activity.

Give your sales team a complete view of customer interactions including web visits, downloads, email opens, and more.

Sales Acceleration Software
Sales Acceleration Software

Outbound Sales Motions

Build targeted messaging with a multi-sequence campaign that integrates email, phone call, and LinkedIn outreach. Give reps the stats they need to know who is responding.

Increase the productivity of your Sales or
BDR team outreach by 5x

Perfect results need perfect execution.

Perfect Deals done Perfectly

TekStack has embedded industry best practice templates
for email followup, voicemail scripts, discovery playbooks,
and alignment letters. Get further access to sales coaching
videos built right into TekStack’s help button.

All the Data you need

Ensure you have data at every step of the sales cycle.

  • Funnel Creation
  • Opportunity Conversion
  • Opportunity Velocity
  • Winrates

All pre-built to give you the information you need to make decisions on the business.

Sales Acceleration Software

Manage Renewals like a boss!

TekStack takes away revenue leakage and invoice headaches.
Integrated invoicing, tracking subscriptions, managing renewals. Recurring revenue is highly valued. Its time to manage it well.

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