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Leverage smart scheduling and cost certainty. Say ‘yes’ to billing automation and ‘no’ to revenue leaks.

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You need tools and visibility to increase
service team profitability

Ability to see and schedule available resources

Project billing flexibility including time based and fixed priced projects

Increased visibility on project gross margins including ability to manage scope change with customers

Schedule resources and track utilization

The key to profitability is maximizing the utilization rate of your project resources. This can be difficult without a clear picture of who is working on what, who has what skills, and providing project managers a simple way to find resources for projects and to communicate to resources they have new tasks to work on. TekStack provides these tools:

  • Project Templates to standardize plans and project efforts
  • Assign resources based on their role or skills
  • Track resource load and if they are doing the work they were assigned

Flexible Billing Methods

Customers are demanding more risk mitigation on projects and fixed priced projects are one way to achieve this. Managing a fixed price project is different than a time based project. Releasing and approving billing milestones for invoicing, managing revenue recognition based on progress complete, plus an additional emphasis on scope containment. TekStack provides the tools:

  • Fixed price or time based billing including hybrid billing projects
  • Releasing Milestones for payment
  • Providing finance with a view of upcoming milestones yet to be billed
  • Automated invoicing of time entries
  • Progress tracking based on actual versus estimate at completion

Improve Project Gross Margins

Tracking project costs is as important as tracking revenue.  Ideally project managers will be able to compare budgeted cost against projected costs.  TekStack makes it easy by providing:

  • Visibility on budgeted cost and expected cost at each project task, or at the overall project level.
  • Effort variance tracking at project and project cost level
  • Project and Project Task Classifications to show comparative efforts across projects
  • Time Entry that allows resources to update expected remaining effort, which can help predict overruns
Forecating accuracy

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