Project Delivery that will delight your customers

Scoping, Resourcing, Delivery. Collaboration, and Revenue Management. All part of the same platform as your Sales, Customer Success, and Support Teams. A Unified Tool makes for a better delivery experience for your customer.

Use Templates to drive Quoting

Collaborate with the sales team to create accurate quotes, quickly.  Build quotes off pre-existing templates. Generate high quality SOW documents with one button push.

Capture Project Costs & Effort

A quoted project will provide forecast visibility and give you insights into Project Gross Margin from the earliest stages.   

Assign the right Team

Identify delivery team members that have capacity, and necessary skills needed to perform work on a project; and easily book them.

View Utilization

Easily see who is doing the work that was assigned.  Compare Booked utilization against the actual work.  A busy team is a happy team, and key to your hitting your goals.

Native Integration to MS Project

Your PMs will want to use the tool they know.  Use Project to capture work break down structure and automatically integrate task dates, efforts, progress completely back and forth with TekStack.

Easily Capture Progress and Time

Team members can enter their time using an easy to use app, or capture time entry from their Outlook Calendar. Team members assigned to projects have an easy dashboard to keep track of assignments and let you know how they are progressing.  Key information that lets you recognize revenue and completion.  

Collaborate with the Internal Team

TekStack is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. When a Project hits a certain stage, TekStack automatically creates a new Teams channel creating a ‘Project Room’ for sharing documents, conversations, and other project information.

Empower your Customer with information

TekStack provides a customer portal so that customers can see RAID logs, project task information, and share documents. This is the same portal that will be used for their customer support site.

Establish Project Gross Margin

Tracking labor costs against projects from the beginning sets up expected gross margin. Capture project progress along the way to see the impact on Gross Margin.

Forecast Revenue

TekStack will establish planned revenue by project and capture actual revenue as each month moves along.

Capture Revenue Recognition

Generate revenue on a project by project level referencing progress. This reduces the risk of overstating revenue. Stay ahead of billing milestones to reduce collection risk.

Capture Customer Feedback

Built in CSAT and NPS scoring that can be surveyed on key project milestones or periodically based on their renewal process. Poor scores can kick off playbooks.

Integrate your Help Desk

Full help desk with knowledge articles for self-service case deflection.

Reporting & Analysis

Full delivery dashboards to analyze performance on projects and on department metrics like revenue and margin.

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