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The guide below gives you the key metrics your business needs to track progress.  Important metrics for Recurring Revenue, Churn & Retention, Customer Experience, and Sales Performance.

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This click through will provide an overview of the sales and customer success dashboards available with TekStack.  Everything is powered by Power BI and comes out of the box with TekStack’s Account, Opportunity, and Subscription processes.

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Want to learn more about how TekStack can help B2B SaaS businesses scale?

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Why are these B2B SaaS metrics important?

How do you track your progress? Lucky for you there are a number of well published benchmarks for SaaS companies. These metrics are important indicators for your team and investors. If used correctly, these metrics do more than satisfy quarterly board reporting. In combination with playbooks they should drive prescribed motion in the company. However, it is very possible that your company can spend more time collecting the information than actioning the information. We want to change that. In this document we’ll discuss the metrics that mean most to your SaaS business, how to capture the information, and how to take action based on what the information is telling you.

About TekStack

TekStack will turn your B2B SaaS company into a data-driven, supercharged growth machine.  Find out how we can help your business collect the right information so that you can see around the corner.