Do you have the sales velocity
to hit your targets?

Use our quick calculator to find out how you
are doing on three key metrics

Sales Velocity

How much is my team
closing per day?

Opportunity creation

Am I creating enough
opportunities to hit my

Sales Magic Number

Am I investing enough in
sales and marketing?
Am I investing too much?

Let’s get started

Start by answering these questions

  • What is your sales booking target this year?
  • What portion of your booking come from “New Logo” vs Existing Customers
  • What is your average “New Logo” deal size?
  • What is your “New Logo” win rate?
  • What is “New Logo” sales cycle lenth
  • How many “New Logo” opportunities do you have open at current?
  • How many “New Logo” opportunities are you creating each month?
  • What were your sales bookings last quarter
  • What is your monthly sales and marketing investment, fully loaded?

Lets look at the Results

Sales Velocity

target $
actual $

New Logo Opportunity Creation


Sales Magic Nubmer


How do I interpret
my results?

If your numbers are looking off, it usually
comes down to one of four issues:

  • Not creating enough Opportunities
  • Win Rate is too low because of product market fit
  • Marketing programs are not delivering results
  • Seller performance issues
  • Pricing in not aligned to value

Proper revenue operations will fix this.

Interested in a Diagnostic?

Book a Diagnostic review with TekStack to analyze any numbers that seem off. If you are interested in learning more about how TekStack helps customers improve their sales efficiency.

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