TekStack Support Program

With your active subscription to TekStack, you become a member of our Support Program. You’ll get the answers you need when you need them and free updates and upgrades.

Unlimited Support

Have a quick question? Need help troubleshooting? Our technical support team is available to help you with your questions based on your support level.

Support covers:

Technical Support: the reporting and resolution of software errors. Technical support does not extend to technical issues solely implicating a customer’s computer systems, servers and devices, or any software other than TekStack or Microsoft software resold by TekStack. Support is also not provided for network or communication or devices not owned, controlled or managed by TekStack or Microsoft that are used to access our software, or for recovery of lost data due to user error. However, Support does extend to technical issues that relate to interoperability or compatibility between the software and computer systems, devices, third party software, or network/communication systems configured to TekStack specifications.

End User Support: answering questions about how to use the software.

Support does not cover:

Change Requests: Modifications to the behavior of the software and services is not covered by our Support Agreement. You can make suggestions and TekStack will prioritize new features and modifications as we determine. Alternatively, you can sign a managed services contract with TekStack to be used as you direct to modify the behavior of the software.

Work Orders: Re-training, data load or migration, new integrations or other custom projects are not covered by our Support agreement. Work Orders will be separate paid engagements with TekStack or could be included in a managed services contract.

CRM Maintenance:  Setting up new environments, changing security roles, setting up security roles, running bulk delete jobs, setting up data maintenance jobs, and other tasks related to CRM administration

Free Updates and Upgrades

As a part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our products, we regularly release new versions of our software based on feedback from our customer base. Your Support membership means that we automatically upgrade you—so that you are always on the latest version of our software and experience the benefits of new features and functionality.

Response Time

The response time is the time taken between you creating your support ticket and our team starting to work on the ticket.

A response may take the form of:

  • Alerting you that the support team has received your ticket.
  • A request from the support team for further information.

Severity Level Definitions:

TekStack has three (3) severity levels. We ask that you communicate the severity level when you open a new case. TekStack reserves the right to adjust the severity level of a case based on our own assessment of the situation.

  • Critical: The system is significantly impaired by an error or service disruption such that key business processes cannot be conducted and no known workaround is currently available. Only a software error can be Critical. Critical software errors will be fixed and patched as quickly as possible. We will not wait for the regular release cycle.
  • Normal: General User questions, or system or services does not function in conformance with its published specifications; however, key business processes are not interrupted and there is little or no impact on the ability to use the system or service for production purposes.
  • Low: Updates to non-production environment, or Product System or service does not function in conformance with its published specifications, but there is no impact to the ability to use the system or service for product purposes.

Response Time Targets:

The following outlines the target time commitments for providing the initial response and for providing status updates on the support ticket.


Severity Level  Level of Effort Initial Response Status Updates Typical Resolution
Critical Continuous best efforts within the normal workday. 1 hour Daily A patch released as soon as possible
Normal Commercially reasonable efforts, during normal business hours. 4 hours Weekly A fix released on the normal release cycle
Low Commercially reasonable efforts, during normal business hours. 1 business day  As reasonable or when a fix will be included in future release. A fix scheduled at TekStack’s discretion

Support Availability

Support is available by phone, online or through email from 9am to 6pm ET, Monday to Friday.


TekStack Customers are responsible for providing TekStack with current contact information for notifications. Changes or additions of contacts can be submitted to support@TekStack.com