We do things differently.

We built TekStack for the B2B SaaS company that has long sales cycles,
and a need to deploy, deliver, and support their software.

We work best with companies running Office 365 because we tie so deeply into Microsoft’s technology stack.

Let us focus on your key processes around lead management, sales, project delivery, and support. We provide best practices out of the box. TekStack gives you what you need from one tool, displacing expensive systems. The result, lower cost, actionable insights. We provide a full view of your customer’s journey; from lead to opp, to contract, to project, support, and subscription renewal. One source.

We are easy to do business with. No long-term contracts, optional monthly invoicing, packaged delivery; one throat to choke.

We are easier to deal with than your alternative.

TekStack gives your company a single integrated tool to support each stage of your Customer’s Journey

“…We created TekStack to help SaaS companies fulfill their destiny. Make data-driven decisions based on perfect information. Spend less time and money on tools so they can spend more time and money finding customers or building the next great feature.”

We’re passionate about software, and software companies!

We worked together for three years, James as COO and Marc as CMO/CRO for a scaling SaaS business, growing it to over 250 employees. Prior to that we’ve both been entrenched in the software industry. James started his career as a developer for one of the ‘Big 4’ . Eventually taking on bigger roles including COO and President of a SaaS company. Marc spent his career in sales and marketing launching dozens of products and operating a company from pre-revenue to north of $20M in annual revenues.

We came at managing software teams from different ends, but were both frustrated with the experiences we had working with the tools needed to scale these companies.

James Patterson, and Marc DiGiorgio; TekStack Founders

Our Values

We love what we do, we want to help every customer exceed every dream. We are transparent and accountable. We want to make awesome shit! We sell what we believe in and believe in what we sell.

Bad news is okay.

Love what you do!

Sell what you believe in, and believe in what you sell.

Make awesome shit!

Be accountable.

Have the most awesome SWAG ever.

Meet the Team

Our development team is based in Portugal through Findmore, a key partner in our quest to provide companies all the tools they need to scale in a single, all-in-one platform.

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