Sell smarter,
not harder

Target, engage, and close like never before.

Sales teams need tools to 
improve efficiency

Key reporting metrics available daily and on demand

A prescriptive sales process including marketing hand-off and opportunity management

Tools for managers to provide effective sales coaching in order to improve win rates

TekStack provides your team with all of the tools,
reports, and prescriptive processes to achieve sales efficiency

Reporting to drive
good decisions

TekStack’s reporting is built for B2B Software companies providing key metrics so that you can make good decisions

  • Funnel Overview
  • Funnel Creation
  • Sales Velocity
  • Win Rate
  • Deal Analysis
  • Sales Activity
  • Funnel Conversion
Video of reporting functionality
TekStack builds in prescriptive and documented processes
for B2B Software companies

Prescriptive Sales Process

When you have a number of reps, onboarding becomes important.  You want the reps to be at full capacity quickly.  Having a prescriptive approach to your sales process is important. One that increases rep productivity while also ensuring high win rates across the team, not just your star performers.

  • Sales Activity Expectations
  • Marketing to Sales Handoff
  • Inbound Follow-up
  • Account Centric approach
  • Email and Document templates
  • Embedded Sales Opportunity Process
  • Document Management & Collaboration

Tools for Effective

Improving sales velocity is a combination of shortening sales cycles, winning more deals, increasing win rate, and getting sellers to build their own funnel. Nothing impacts this more than good coaching.  TekStack gives sales leaders the tools to implement good coaching practices.

  • Secure One-to-One Collaboration Spaces
  • Seller Activity Metrics
  • Seller performance metrics
  • Opportunity Velocity metrics

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