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Early stage B2B software companies need these three
things to build funnel effectively.

A well-defined and narrowly targeted Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

A Value Proposition that is unique and defendable from competitors

Effective marketing tactics
that creates and captures
demand from potential buyers

Creating effective
Marketing Tactics

Even thought a strong ICP focus and value proposition is critical, creating effective marketing tactics takes the most amount of work. This needs to include the following elements:

  • Strong positioning statement
  • Digital assets like guides, blogs, videos, and customer evidence
  • Persistent social posting
  • Contact and Account data
  • Outbound sequences for prospecting
  • Ability to capture inbound demand from the web or referral networks

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TekStack can provide core marketing services to elevate your game. We are B2B Software experts and have the framework and skills needed to create brand awareness.

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Specialized Software Tools for B2B Tech companies

Most CRM systems do nothing more than store bad data. They should be tools to empower your users to be more productive. TekStack gives you the sales and marketing tools to succeed. Learn more about our capabilities:

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