Whether you are a mature, cash-funded company; or venture-backed upstart; there is nothing more challenging than running a mid-sized technology business.

We’re talking about that company that has grown beyond 30 employees but is still under 100. Running somewhere between $3M to $15M.

It’s the size of company that has just matured to the point where you are now flying by wire, and as a CEO, you just don’t have the visibility you once had. Your internal processes and systems aren’t well connected, you’re seeing cracks in your customer experience and can’t rely on personal relationships to get you through the hurdles. You don’t quite trust the data because it’s been heavily massaged, and you can’t quite onboard new team members effectively or fast enough.

We get it, we’ve been there a few times before ourselves. This is in part why we built TekStack, to address the operational challenges of growing a business.


Problems and how TekStack addresses them

Problem TekStack’s Solution
Visibility – Suddenly, you are one or two steps away from the customer; instincts don’t always work. One pane of glass for every interaction with your customer. See in one screen all email communications, what they own, order and price history, project status, invoice status, and case status.
Finding enough deal flow – Can no longer operate in hero mode and need a systematic process for finding deals. Need to understand funnel attribution, attrition and win rates by several factors. Optimized marketing automation for inbound motion, integrated sequencing tool for outbound motion, partner portal to register partner deals including partner portal.
Leaking Revenue – Lots of broken revenue operations processes across the departments. Automated invoice creation for initial orders, upsells, capturing correct renewal amounts, pro-rating renewals, price changes, services invoicing on T&M billing, services invoicing upfront, or on milestone payments
Measuring the business – Lack of information about the business, from marketing through sales, services, support. Pre-built reporting that embeds industry metrics across marketing, sales, subscription revenue, invoicing, services, and support.
Finding Best Practices – Trying to figure out the best practices for each part of the operation, and then realizing that you don’t have the tools to automate it or reports to measure it. Pre-built processes in every area of the business. How to manage marketing intake, outbound sequences, sales processes, order process, sales to service hand off, customer onboarding, customer support, and customer success. All documented, all pre-configured, thousands of hours of thought put in by execs who have done this countless times before.
Spending too much money on tools across departments – Tools don’t talk to one another, paying too many consultants and too many vendors TekStack is lower cost than adding the 7 or 8 tools you need to run your business. You think this is no big deal? Check out www.tekstack.com/roi to find out what the cost difference is now, and what it will be in three years. It’s a massive difference, with that annual savings being applied to better areas in the business like hiring more sellers, spending more marketing dollars, or building more product.


Typical Playbook vs TekStack

Typically, a company this size will try to figure out the best practices in each department and adopt tools with a department focused lens. Marketing will buy their marketing automation tool, services will figure out a PSA option, support will get a ticketing tool, finance will figure out how to massage a process for invoicing. This is the result in the end:

  • Guessing at best business practices for your industry
  • Impossible to see the customer journey from one screen
  • A bunch of vendors, a pile of annual subscriptions
  • Significant consulting and integration costs
  • Disconnected handoffs between departments leading to a poor customer experience.
  • Virtually no reporting, the reporting you get is heavily manipulated in Excel.
  • Broken revenue operations leading to lost billing on services, software renewals, and software upsells.

TekStack fixes all of this by providing:

  • Out of the box best practices across every stage of a B2B customer journey.
  • All the tools to go with it, from one platform.
  • One throat to choke. One vendor for everything. No guessing, no added fees for support or consulting
  • Leading technology built on Microsoft Cloud, saving you a pile of money each year.
  • Fully integrated to other Microsoft productivity tools you use today like Outlook and Teams.
  • All the reporting you need, pre-built, running on Power BI. Nothing to build.
  • Options for fractional CRM Admin, Marketing Operations, or Marketing-as-a-Service to get you up and running on supporting roles.


Don’t believe we can possibly replace tools like Pardot, SF, Outreach, Zendesk, SaaSOptics? There is absolutely no cost in engaging with us to find out. We ran all these tools in our prior lives which helped us define the product we offer B2B tech customers today.